WCBM2024 World Conference onBusiness and Management & Global Great Debate 2024


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Academic Conference

  • One of the greatest scholars in the world, Chuang-tzu, claimed that we need to stop learning about small things and focus on the greatest Tao as the wisdom is unlimited however our lives are limited. He said that We learn widely and study deeply in order to explain simply.(, ). In addition, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci also explain about the art of simplicity in learning. In other words, simplicity is the outstanding value of knowledge. It is true that short phrases and writings penetrate the essence and awaken the spirit. This International Academic Conference is a place for scholars of the globe to present their spirit of academic knowledge. We sincerely invite you to the academic presentation which will serve as the foundation of knowledge required for us to live.

Global Great Debate

  • We propose a new paradigm of business management in order to restore people to better lives. Given that western management studies for so long have focused on efficiency and practicality some believe that this has become an obstacle to enjoying the richness of modern lives. In this section of Global Great Debate, domestic and international scholars and specialists on management would discuss and announce the new paradigm of management focusing on human management as the central theme, instead of capital or materialism, through multidisciplinary academic studies based on the humanities and philosophy. It would be also a place for whole day communication of human management which is needed everywhere in our society. We are certain that Kopernikanishe Wendung of management would be approved through this debate. We prepared the debate for management scholars, humanism scholars, biologists, philosophers, sociologists, history scholars and other scholars who have a desire for the richness of knowledge. Please join us and feel free to discuss.

WCBM Junior Academic Competition

  • WCBM Junior Academic Competition is to promote the future leaders in becoming a strong globalized nation, and help the students develop ideas in a creative and innovative manner through mentoring from professors around the world. There will be opportunities where students will have professors specially coach them by teams about the field of business/economy, and have their paper published in the proceeding book for World Conference on Business and Management, while being able to participate in the WCBM conference.

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